Group Pay May Save You From the Hassle of Splitting that Bar Tab with Your Friends

We have summarized this news for you:

  • Founded by Joseph Fenton in January 2015, Group Pay is a recently formed start-up with plans to make Friday nights a bit less confusing for you and your friends’ wallets.
  • Group Pay hopes to become a simpler and quicker alternative to the after-dinner struggle of discovering which of your friends is worse at the simple division involved in splitting a bill.
  • Using NFC technology, Group Pay allows a user to create a group/event for the night and charge the bill from the restaurant or bar to this group. The tab is then split between the members of the group, depending on what they ordered, and settled using a contactless payment.
  • The creator of the group may place a price limit, and can specify the name, time, and location of the event. This adds a nice social media aspect, not only making the payment easier but the planning too!
  • Expect to see this convenient tool hit the iOS and Android app stores in Spring of 2015. Although, do keep in mind that to use this wonderful application you will need an iPhone 6 (or above) or an NFC enabled Android phone.