Groupon to Launch Beacon based Proximity Marketing & Mobile Payments

Groupon has announced plans to develop a series of new products that will allow merchants to provide targeted access to consumers. This new product will make use of beacons, a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. Merchants will be able to use these beacons to tailor and launch consumer-targeted promotions via proximity signals.

Groupon is poised to come up with a suite of tools that can enable mobile payments as well. The intention is that these tools will work actively across Groupon merchant stores. Groupon had earlier reported that over half of its transactions are coming through mobile platforms. The new tools and products are expected to be officially deployed before the end of this year. Groupon is looking beyond the realm of offering deals and focusing more on facilitating customizable marketing for merchants among other things with its current innitiatives.

In May last year, Groupon had launched Gnome, a tablet based point-of-sale solution for merchants. Utilizing Gnome, Users can seamlessly redeem Groupons and save money as well as time with the help of a straightforward POS system and credit card payment processing service. The Gnome platform comes with an all-in-one cash register that can accept credit and debit card payments, log cash transactions, print or email receipts, manage menu items, calculate multiple tax rates, issue refunds and view transaction history. It can even integrate with popular accounting software programs such as Xero and Quickbooks.

Discovery to purchase enablement is highly valued, and Groupon seems to have taken notice of this. Groupon officially launched its Groupon Payments credit-card-processing service in September 2012. The service’s unique selling point was based on pricing, customer service and reliable card readers. Why? Because Groupon is in the coupons/deals market, and these need to be redeemed to complete the commerce cycle. They even went as far as to buy Breadcrumb so customers could redeem Groupon vouchers with a single tap at a supported POS. Isn’t that thoughtful?

Groupon recently initiated a partnership with Snapchat as well. In an attempt to redefine what it means to interact with consumers as a business, Groupon partnered with the popular messaging service to drive real-time offers. Not only are they making moves to provide merchants with customizable deals and a suite of products and services, but also credit-card-payment-processing capabilities, point-of-sale solutions, and innovative customer interactions.