Groupon brings new features to Breadcrumb POS app, helps merchants tie customer payments patterns with CRM

CRM tools have come a long way, from recording sales calls and email-ers to advanced analytics. CRM tools are being used as a platform to analyze customer purchase pattern, helping marketers to customize their marketing and sales efforts. Earlier this month, Groupon re-launched an updated Breadcrumb point-of-sale (POS) app. The added features in the Breadcrumb POS app allows merchants the opportunity to track customers by storing their contact information while analyzing purchase behavior, helping Groupon connect its emergent POS tech to its marketing business.

Groupon acquired Breadcrumb in May, 2012. The deal was in line with Groupon’s strategy to build a payments business for merchant community, which it serves through its daily-deals business. Since the acquisition Groupon relaunched the Breadcrumb POS app in May, 2013 with a focus on local merchants. Additional features were added by the team at Groupon, targeting improvements in local merchant experience and value.

Talking to Street Fight, Varun Krishna, Director of Product Management for Breadcrumb POS mentioned about the latest additions of integrating payment and purchase data with the customer lists. He said The CRM feature makes it possible for merchants to make a grid of their customers that they can sort, filter and navigate in real time. According to Varun the latest move from Groupon would allow to bridge the gap between the merchant and the consumer.

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Breadcrumb POS is a free app used on iPads by merchants as POS systems. For every card based transaction Groupon charges 1.8% + 15¢ Per Swipe.

Groupon claims that the Breadcrumb POS app would help merchants create customer records for each transaction made through a credit card. Merchants also have an option to manually record cash based transactions against a customer name. According to Street Fight, the newly introduced features of this app are just not limited to payments, it also includes introduction of an employee management tool, built in cameras to scan barcode SKU’s, etc.

Here’s a video of San Mateo Company talking about Breadcrumb POS app:

Source: BreadcrumbByGroupon

LTP View: Groupon’s move to tie payments, purchasing behaviour and customer details into the CRM is quite an interesting one and should be useful for the merchants. The move could help merchants to get a better understanding of customer spend and related analytics. This may help them to customize offers and increase awareness of what they have to offer through Groupon and build their customer base further.