Groupon Partners with Snapchat to Drive Real-time Offers

Popular messaging service Snapchat has a feature in which messages disappear as soon as they are read. This basically means that the message gets deleted from Snapchat servers and cannot be retrieved. marketers can use this feature to send time-sensitive deals to customers, thereby maintaining a sense of excitement in a campaign. This was what attracted Groupon to the Snapchat app, with which it is teaming up to broadcast exclusive offers to its followers.

The partnership kicked off when Groupon wanted to offer a first-come, first-serve deal for a concert. All a Snapchat user had to do was follow the link to the deal received on the Snapchat interface. To receive offers from Groupon from time to time, users must follow on Snapchat. Through Snapchat, Groupon is looking to redefine itself as more of an e-commerce platform along the lines of big brands such as Amazon.

Groupon recently reported that over half of its transactions are coming through the mobile platform, helping increase its revenue. On the other hand, Snapchat is getting more opportunities, with retailers such as Wet Seal and Taco Bell embracing the app for its potential to reach users on a wider scale. Snapchat had previously reported that it turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook and is in talks with China’s alibaba to fund the company.

By leveraging Snapchat, Groupon would be able to add a layer of urgency to its daily deals, since users must act quickly to get the upper hand in redeeming an offer. Groupon could also use Snapchat to personalize its offers so it can target individual consumers.

It is ideal for deals to be delivered in real time. Users are always looking for deals. Brands can benefit from such consumer behavior by using a platform such as Snapchat to push specific offers they believe the user would opt for.

Groupon wants to completely redefine the way businesses interact with consumers. It wants to provide its merchants with not just customizable deals and a suite of products and services, but also credit-card-payment-processing capabilities and point-of-sale solutions. By adding channels like Snapchat to its business model, Groupon can look forward to discovering ways of adding more value to its merchant solutions.