Half of the people don’t really do mobile payments, popular survey disappoints!

I saw a few media portals report a survey that said, half of the people have started using mobile payments in the US. That might not be true at all. The key to understand surveys is to look into how many people were surveyed and what questions were asked and how the questions were interpreted. Also a quick look at some other surveys on the same topic would reveal a lot about the subject.

According to a survey conducted by Credit Union National Association (CUNA) more than 50% of the users that responded to the online survey have utilized their smartphones for some form of mobile payment.

CUNA used SurveyMonkey to survey the respondents. CUNA serves almost 90 per cent of America’s 7200 state and federally chartered credit unions, owned by more than 95 Mn consumer members. But only 1,046 users participated in the survey. Its a small sample size (N) to determine anything. Survey revealed that 51.1% of 1,046 respondents had used their mobile phones to make a payment. { LTP: Obviously, as the number of respondents who took the survey were less (assuming it was sent to a large number), these were the people who are generally more informed about mobile payments and a high likelih ...

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