Handpoint Releases Code for mPOS Payment Apps as Open Source

On 24th June 2014, mobile payments company – Handpoint – announced the release of the code for its mPOS payment apps as open source. The source code is available on their website. It enables any business or developer to create highly secure bespoke payment apps.

Handpoint says that it is opening up mPOS to a broader range of businesses, by releasing the app code as open source. mPOS take-up so far has been restricted by a one-size-fits-all approach for micro-merchants, meaning apps fail to address specific industry sector or localization requirements.

  • Handpoint’s open source code means that its mPOS app can meet the needs of any business, from any industry and in any country, states their press release.
  • Handpoint is able to open source its apps following the recent PCI P2PE accreditation of its mPOS chip&PIN application.
  • The P2PE level security ensures that card data sits only on the highly secure Handpoint card reader and never within the app on the smartphone or tablet.
  • This gives any developer the freedom to rapidly create completely customised payment apps with unique interfaces on a smartphone or tablet, supported by enterprise-grade security.
  • The flexibility it provides means developers can address vertical markets by meeting the diverse requirements of any industry or tailor apps for certain sectors like carpenters, plumbers, doctors etc.
  • It also enables rapid localisation of mPOS across multiple countries where different languages and taxes are an important factor.
  • Handpoint mPOS is available immediately for traders, merchants, retail software providers and developers, or acquiring banks in Europe as a white-labeled solution.

Handpoint is dedicated to making it as simple as possible for everyone to use mPOS. By removing security as an issue and open sourcing our app code, we’re giving businesses and developers unprecedented freedom and flexibility to build the apps they need and to significantly reduce the time and cost it takes to roll out mPOS, stated CEO and co-founder of Handpoint, David Gudjonsson, in the same release. We’re looking forward to seeing what people will create with the combination of our code and how creative people can be with our code combined with rock solid P2PE security, he added.

About the Company:

Established over 13 years ago, Handpoint specializes in payments on smartphones, tablets and Handhelds, therefore enabling merchants to accept all card payments (EMV and NFC). Handpoint provides a complete end-to-end payment solutions covering mobiles, tablets, PCs and a fully PCI-DSS certified payment bureau for both settlements and authorizations. The firm has a global customer base with several high profile brands as its customers. Handpoint also provides white label payment solutions to other financial institutions and processes around 200,000 transactions daily through their systems, equating roughly to around $10 Bn.