Harbortouch Launches Future Proof Payment Technology, Perkwave

Harbortouch was founded in 1999 by Jared Isaacman and was originally started as a basic credit card processing service. The company is now a supplier of Point of sale (POS) systems,credit card processing equipment and a full range of merchant services. Harbourtouch on 8th November 2013 launched its future proof payment technology, Perkwave.

The technology enables merchants to accept the latest smart card and mobile payment technologies. The company says it will help the Perkwave users as now they don’t have to worry about turning away business due to non support for latest payment technologies.

Perkwave technology provides certain features:

  • Perkwave provides an integrated solution which supports traditional payment methods, Debit & credit card, but it also includes the EMV enabled credit card integrated with customers near field communication (NFC) reader.

  • With NFC technology it gives the consumers freedom of making payment with seamless effort by allowing customer to make payment through their Smartphone swipe.

  • Customers are seeking for a Technology which is having an added layer of Security with it.EMV enabled credit cards are secured due to their embedded Microprocessors.

  • This cards are more secure than traditional magnetic strip cards like Visa ,MasterCard etc. Merchants that cannot accept EMV cards will face compliance Regulations and liability for data breaches and chargebacks.

One of the biggest advantages of using Harbortouch Perkwave terminal is that it can be updated remotely which allows Harbourtouch to monitor terminal up-time automatically alerting the companies tech department to monitor terminal up time. This feature enables the company to be aware of the problem and helps them solve the issues proactively.

Some of the other competitors in this field include AccuPOS, POS guys, Touchsuite, Shopkeep and Gotmerchant. AccuPOS is a popular POS system that was founded in the year 1996 is a developer of retail solutions that interface with accounting systems - AccuPOS electronic POS, Accushift, and Accucount stock.

Earlier in May, Harbortouch had partnered with Tabbedout (mobile payment company) to provide an integrated solution. Their offering combined the mobile payment, customer management and loyalty features developed by Tabbed out with Harbortouch’s touch screen POS systems.

LTP View: Harbortouch provides a full POS system to the merchant with a payment processing agreement for $25 in shipping, which is very economical. A disadvantage is that a retailer must accept a contractual agreement with Harbortouch for processing payment. The nominal costs and fees could be beneficial for small businesses and start-ups. Harbortouch provides lifetime software and hardware support which could help it retain customers.