Heartland & BitPay Bring Bitcoin to New Grounds

With the rising popularity of crypto-currencies, and increasing support for Bitcoin to become a mainstream form of payment, it may lie within the interest of many companies to begin investing in the acceptance of Bitcoin. This is exactly what Heartland was banking on when they decided to partner up with BitPay. This partnership promises to bring Bitcoin adoption to a previously untapped market of merchants.

Heartland, one of the largest payment processors in the United States, is spearheading this collaboration. With their expansive network of over 300,000 businesses and companies, they may be able to usher in a new wave of Bitcoin acceptance. Heartland also offers point of sale (POS), mobile commerce, e-commerce, marketing, and payroll solutions to its business network.

Bringing Bitcoin Payments to the frontlines, BitPay is an electronic payment processing system for Bitcoin currency. Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, BitPay was founded in May 2011 by Antonio Gallippi and Stephen Pair. Once integrated into their respective systems, BitPay users can accept Bitcoin payments. From there, they can choose to have the Bitcoins deposited to a compatible account, or have BitPay handle the conversion process to over 150 currencies. Next-day settlements in the merchant’s currency of choice are available in 32 countries. BitPay solutions can be integrated into a multitude of POS, Billing & Accounting, and e-commerce solutions.

Heartland is beginning to refer BitPay to its customers who have shown interest in new payments. We currently have more than 50,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin payments on our platform. Through this referral partnership, we hope to reach a number of merchants that are largely new to Bitcoin, bridging the gap between the traditional and modern payments industry, commented a Heartland representative. Utilizing its leading sales professionals, Heartland is reviewing many businesses and organizations to decide who would most benefit from accepting Bitcoin payments. These customers will receive the first round of referrals.

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