History of Apple in Mobile Payments, WIP for years, So much headway to just connect the dots

On 9th Sep 2013, a day before its release, I wrote an article about Apple iPhone 5S - Would Apple become a Payment POWER HOUSE after tomorrow?

As a blogger, I am tempted to write little did I know…. But I must say I did know more than a little at that point of time having studied a lot about their patents in this area. That the biggest new-age payment system in the world, centered around mobility at the intersection of retail, banking and money was coming out of WIP (work in progress) -- Apple was connecting the dots. Next day Apple had announced the inclusion of Touch ID biometric fingerprint technology.

There are more than 100 Apple patents that can be related to the strikes Apple is making and will make in payments. And this article will throw light on some of them.

In 2007 — iTunes with cards

Apple applies for iTunes transaction patent. The patent described a cellular phone being able to make a secure connection to the iTunes Store 'for the purposes of a device upgrade or commercial transaction.' For example, it said, the computing device may be a portable media player, and the service may provide media to the computing device based on a capacity indication of the configuration indication.

In 2008 filed for an interestng patent

September 9th, 2008 Apple began to file one of the first few patents addressing the slide to unlock technology with an early version of Touch ID

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