Hong Kong Mobile Network Operator SmarTone Telecommunication is Redefining Retail Space through New 'Kiss' App Using NFC and Beacon Technology

SmarTone Telecommunication, a Hong Kong-based mobile network operator, is planning to launch its new service called Kiss this December. Kiss is a platform which allows retailers connect with consumers to help consumers with digital marketing and loyalty programs backed with mobile payments and analytics.

Kissco Marketing Services, a subsidiary of SmarTone, features online tools for retailers—like professional-looking mobile storefronts, a single-purpose Kiss mobile payment terminal which has the capabilities for data analytics and a Bluetooth beacon for the store—which help them in enhancing customer experience. These Kiss beacons are configured to push alerts, such as greetings, special offers to nearby customers who have activated the app, etc. Consumers can also download the Kiss Wallet, which helps in easy transactions by enabling them to store the credit card details and loyalty points on the online platform. It helps the users to redeem points and get rewarded for their purchases with one tap. Kiss Analytics helps retailers to enhance in-store engagement, understand highlighted products and consumer behavior. The company uses both ultrasound and NFC technology. According to sources, the company has partnered with China UnionPay for its credit cards. SmarTone said that Kiss is open to all consumers on both Android and iPhone models. Kiss Pay and Kiss Wallet are developed with a high level of security and protection in mind.

The company has already started up signing with stores run by both small and medium-sized retailers. With a few hundred Hong Kong dollars as a monthly fee (subscription-based model), the retailers will be able to directly communicate and interact with customers. The app is available for free to all consumers across all cellular networks.

It’s basically an internet business so the actual cost of implementation is not huge. The only question is how quickly it could scale up, Douglas Li, the outgoing Chief Executive of SmarTone said to the South China Morning Post. If it does well in a foreign country, the sky is the limit. He also added that the app would be a game changer for retailers to grab the market share as it is an efficient online and offline marketing platform. Kiss is a newer and smarter way of shopping in Hong Kong, where the company hopes to redefine the retail engagement.