Host Card Emulation Positions of Networks, Banks, Carriers, Experts & NFC Forum

NFC forum has issued a statement yesterday and has given HCE a green flag but advised to use custom approach for security. 'As the industry consortium dedicated to the global deployment and adoption of NFC services, the NFC Forum sees HCE as a promising addition to the portfolio of NFC solutions that could potentially accelerate market growth. HCE is supported by NFC Forum specifications, including the NFC Controller Interface (NCI) specification, which in combination with other standards, such as ISO 14443 and JIS X 6319-4, enables HCE implementations. Service providers need to evaluate and determine the best place to store credentials for their solutions, keeping in mind the trade-off between security risks and convenience.'

NFC Forum seems to have shown more caution than Visa and Mastercard on security who say that banks or other issuers rolling out Visa payWav ...

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