The Hottest Monday Infographics on MEDICI in 2019

At MEDICI, we strive to bring you the very latest trends in FinTech throughout the year. If you’re familiar with our content, you’d be aware that that Mondays are ‘Infographic Day’ at MEDICI, where we bring fascinating insights to life through our informative, instructive, and colorful charts, tables, and graphs.

As we foray into the year 2020 to have another great year of FinTech, we thought of bringing you a roundup of some of the most popular Monday articles we’ve put in the year 2019. How did we choose them? We made the selection through a carefully-evaluated ranking system, on the basis of page-views, social media impressions & engagement, and numerous other factors. Without further ado, here are MEDICI’s top five infographics by popularity, since the beginning of 2019:

1. Neobanks – A Look at Service Offerings & Funding Analysis

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