How a Canvas-to-Cloud Services Company Helped Disrupt the Construction Lending Industry

BoTree helps individuals, startups, small and medium-scale businesses build their ideas from canvas to cloud. It works in technologies like Ruby on Rails and Python-Django, Javascript frameworks like Angular, React and Backbone. The company has an in-house mobile development team with capabilities in Android, iOS and cross-platform application development using React Native.

BoTree is a domain-agnostic company and has experience working in domains like FinTech, influencing and social media marketing, publishing, hospitality, health insurance, e-commerce, EdTech and real estate.

Using its unique "canvas-to-cloud" approach, BoTree helps its clients productize their idea, solve complex problems, build prototypes and MVPs and eventually build an enterprise application which is deployed to the cloud. BoTree provides support and maintenance to all its clients and has 24x7 support capabilities.

BoTree’s offerings like the Booster Team and BoTree 911 provide an edge to its clients and helps them gain significant returns on investment and growing rapidly.

The objective of the Booster Team is to empower BoTree’s clients and build their in-house team over the long run. Clients who opt for the Booster Team get access to BoTree's "canvas-to-cloud" methodology and the team's wide experience in working across multiple technologies and domains. BoTree also has a set of standard processes and quality practices which are leveraged to provide a boost to development and help clients reach the market faster.

BoTree 911 is a support offering where the team is available for the client 24x7 with SLA as low as 30 minutes. A ticket raised over the BoTree 911 mobile app reaches the right team members and helps them get in touch with the client immediately.

BoTree has been helping businesses since five years now and it has always focused on customer delight rather than just customer satisfaction. BoTree’s clients have helped it to grow and scale and the company is very grateful for their support throughout its journey.

One of its clients, InspectDate, has an idea that they believed would disrupt the construction lending industry. BoTree’s team initially had limited knowledge of this particular domain and InspectDate’s co-founders had little experience working with software development. This is a common situation in the majority of our projects, which makes them both challenging and interesting at the same time.

BoTree understood the domain and idea to productize it. It identified various complex problems and solved it. A prototype was developed to assess customer acceptance. After ensuring that the product had satisfactory acceptance, BoTree started the implementation of the application with the first development phase, which it released in about two months. Since then, BoTree has worked on and completed two additional phases of development.

Today, multiple lending institutions (e.g. banks, lenders and credit unions) and their construction monitoring companies use InspectDate’s multi-tenant application to manage the construction inspection process.

Here are the main highlights that InspectDate’s users love most:

  1. Improved Communication: Users rarely miss time-sensitive information and can recover quickly with transparent visibility of activity and status of Projects and Inspection Requests.
  2. Data Management: Users spend 75% less time hunting down the most up-to-date and relevant documentation
  3. Response Time: With submittal dates readily available, borrowers receive fund disbursements at least two days sooner – increasing loan revenue
  4. Customer Support: Due to easily-retrievable dates and documents, inspection companies field almost zero customer inquiries related to timing and documentation
  5. Project Management: With the application’s scheduling and follow features, organizations now better manage their operations and collaborate three times more effectively

At 35% revenue growth, month over month, InspectDate continues to expand and scale aggressively.