How APAC FIs Are Leveraging RegTech Solutions for Efficient Data Management

Being the greatest opportunity in FinTech, the RegTech ecosystem has grown to meet the demand for effective technological solutions in areas of regulatory reporting, governance, eKYC/AML/CFT, data management, fraud monitoring & control, digital identity, risk management, and more.

A recent study of 38 banks around the world analyzed their third-party RegTech implementations – where the solutions were offered by RegTech startups and large GRC providers – found that RegTech solutions in the space of eKYC/real-time AML screening, AI/ML-based fraud prevention, and real-time compliance monitoring had the highest level of adoption by banks. More than 15 banks had implemented eKYC/advanced AML and sanction screening solutions. Solutions in the space of real-time compliance monitoring and AI/ML-based fraud detection were imple ...

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