How Banks Can Keep Their Marketing Dollars From Going to Waste

The past few years have seen retail banks start to successfully integrate digital into a continuous omnichannel experience for customers across marketing, selling, and delivery of their products. With the internet continuing to make inroads into almost every aspect of our daily lives, the need for this integration – and the opportunity it presents – is obvious.

Heavy use of digital for promotional and marketing purposes – through social media, internet search, digital ads, websites and so on – is now commonplace. The service element, i.e., how customers consume financial products, has also been transformed by the rise and popularity of online banking. For instance, most banks now offer customers mobile apps through which they can quickly and easily check balances, view transactions and make payments, all through an attractive and user-friendly interface.

Of course, the best marketing in the world is worthless if it doesn’t convert into customers. And it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if no one is buying it. Sales is the crucial link that bridges this divide, and th ...

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