How BBVA Open Talent Writes International Success Stories

Famous international writer Tom Clancy once wisely said,An overnight success is ten years in the making. While companies conceived a decade or two ago would fully feel the meaning of it, in 2016, there are companies whose overnight success sometimes was written in a time that was doubly shorter. It is an especially frequent case with the FinTech industry, where technological enablers allowed a massive number of companies to build services that were unimaginable to build in a short time and make profits on them. Sophisticated AI, insanely useful APIs and mobile adoption rates gave bright entrepreneurs the opportunity to build and scale their solutions faster.

However, it is not all that that easy. There are other factors contributing to overnight success in 2016—tailored challenges, accelerators and incubators. They took a special place in the most international success stories and became the innovation engines of the society. Challenges designed to bring together the most innovative entrepreneurs and companies serve the curation purpose and reveal the most prosperous ideas and solutions in the market.

Understanding that, one of the major financial institutions and a prominent member of the innovative part of the financial world, BBVA, is writing success s ...

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