How can NFC technology help you do your laundry?

Even though NFC payments are still having a hard time, NFC technology in itself continues to see innovation and implementation in areas like Vending machines, ATMs, Business Cards and even Advertising & Marketing Campaigns. Stel Solutions, a Spanish technology integrator, recently announced the introduction of a system that utilizes NFC tags attached to laundry. Which would reduce handling error when the garments are dispatched for washing.

Stel Solutions was established in 2010 by Jesus Mora Rodrigues (CEO) and Alberto Abad Perez (Commercial Director). The NFC tags used in Stel Laundry product have the owner’s information including name, type of garment and its destination stored within it. A ‘Smart Table’ containing an NFC reader pad is then used to read the Tags. For lost and misplaced items, the company claims that ownership information can be read by an NFC phone.

The concept of Stel Laundry can be seen in the video below: Source: STEL solutionsThe offering is targeted towards nursing homes and other companies that handle large volumes of garments such as industrial laundries. Stel Solutions claims that Identifying, classifying and providing information about items are the main functionalities. The tags are about the size of a button and are reusable. The company’s other solutions apart from Stel Laundry include Stel Order, Stel Price and Stel Corner.

LTP View: The NFC tags may have potential to reduce errors, save time and most importantly decrease loss of garments. Stel Solutions could see a first mover advantage with its exclusive laundry product. The success or failure of using NFC tags for laundry could depend on its rate of adoption by large companies.