How Card Validation & ID Verification Products are Making Waves in Commerce

Security is a critical aspect of payments and commerce transactions. It is also important for any online business, financial and government agency. Meeting security compliance requirements and standards is a primary objective when it comes to designing and developing payments systems and commerce platforms. In the online world of e-commerce and mobile apps, it is important to perform web and mobile based real-time identity verification. There are a few companies that stand out which are helping with KYC requirements by using innovative technology.

Here are some use cases highlighting how companies incorporated solutions to meet security compliance requirements:


Equifax is a global information solutions provider. The company partnered with Jumio to develop a series of solutions that created a more streamlined, secure mobile transaction process for both consumers and retailers. By leveraging the strengths of Equifax 1-Touch Services and Jumio’s proprietary Netverify and Netswipe technology, Equifax was able to auto-fill the personally identifiable information needed to complete a transaction on a mobile device. Equifax’s consumer information resources were utilized in tandem with Jumio’s authentication and validation capabilities to reduce fraud, increase purchases and ultimately improve the consumer mobile commerce experience.


The P2P lending specialist Landbay implemented Jumio’s Netverify to authenticate lenders’ identities, to comply with anti-money-laundering regulations and improve their clients’ user experience. The multi-year deal saw Jumio’s ID verification technology become part of Landbay’s Know Your Customer compliance process. UK-based Landbay specialises in providing mortgages for buy-to-let lenders via its P2P platform. This provides the opportunity for investors to lend directly to a diverse portfolio of borrowers with buy-to-let mortgages and allows eligible mortgage applicants the chance to access competitive rates of borrowing., the creator of RibbitRewards, one of the world’s first global cash-back rewards programs based on blockchain technology, partnered with Jumio to establish a streamlined ID verification process for both consumers and retailers conducting business on the RibbitRewards marketplace. The partnership with Jumio provides for an ID verification process that literally turns a customer’s smart-phone or computer into an ID scanning terminal that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their ID and other credentials to meet industry requirements and reduce fraud.

Here are some organisations which are pioneering advancements in security products:


IDology is a provider of real-time technology solutions that verify an individual’s identity and age for anyone conducting business in a customer-not-present environment. The company had established a partnership with Jumio to integrate the Netverify solution. Now, customers using IDology’s ExpectID solution combined with Jumio’s Netverify, can scan and review a government-issued photo ID and verify identity attributes in tandem, ensuring transactions move forward more quickly and with more confidence. Through Netverify and the camera on a computer or smartphone, users can now scan an image of their government-issued photo ID as part of the verification process. Once the ID is verified, ExpectID then correlates the data to application input as well as performs additional reviews such as whether the applicant is deceased and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) checks.


Jumio had established the Bitcoin Identity Security Open Network (BISON), the initial members of which comprise of eight leading Bitcoin exchanges, wallets and ATM providers worldwide. The members include BitAccess, SnapSwap, CoinMkt, Digital Currency Exchange of Texas, CoinRnr,, NoveltyLab and Bitnet Technologies. The BISON Network is designed to instill greater trust and confidence in the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing exchanges an efficient way to collect and validate buyer identities at the point of transaction via any connected device. Transacting customers hold up their driver’s license or passport issued by over 100 countries to their device camera and Jumio’s integrated technology Netverify scans and validates the ID, extracts the personal info it contains and populates it into the transaction form. The entire process takes place in-real time.


To ensure compliance for new standards in mobile identity authentication, Payfone recently launched the Mobile Identity as an Experience Platform. The platform ensures silent verification of mobile identity at each customer touchpoint. An important feature that the platform provides is to terminate access when a mobile device is reported lost or stolen to their Mobile Network Operator through the New Mobile Kill Switch--a real time fail-safe measure that safeguards intellectual property, sensitive information, and most importantly, a business and its customer's reputation. The platform is a first-of-its-kind integration of data assets, access to Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators, SS7 networks, end-user consent management, and regulatory compliance - offered to businesses and developers - all through one API.