How Did the Top European Retailers Win Leadership in the Region?

Shopping as a way to spend leisure time has been built into cultures around the world for decades and it is doubtful that retailers will ever be out of business. The industry, however, does not remain the same over the years; it transforms under the influence of modern tech-enabled trends (like VR, M2M communication, etc.) and changing customer preferences (like shopping online).

In 2016, the shopping experience is an important part of success in the retail business. Top retailers provide the most wholesome, easy and smooth purchasing experience across channels and follow a customer-centric approach in building a sustainable business. But what does that approach include? What are the secret ingredients used by the top retailers that allowed them to build their international empires and gain customer loyalty? The most recent report on Europe’s Top500 retailers by InternetRetailing attempts to answer the questions by assessing the most successful retail busine ...

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