How FinTech Serves the Gig Economy and Its Workforce – Exclusive Interview With Hyperwallet

Out of the 7.3K+ community of FinTech startups that we follow on MEDICI, FinTech’s global knowledge network, close to 19% are payments startups. A highly fragmented segment of payment solutions creates obstacles for mass adoption of any particular service unless we talk about well-established, known leaders.

About 1.3K+ payments startups around the world offer all kinds of solutions for anything related to payments – P2P, bill payments, POS, payment gateways, etc. While the vast majority of startups are at the very beginning of their journey, dealing with massive uncertainty and tightening competition, some power players were able to find their prominent place in the whole ecosystem.

Hyperwallet is one of those interesting companies that has been focusing on the gig economy and gig workers – people who chose to efficiently utilize every asset in their possession. Gig workers have their own obstacles to overcome when it comes to financial services, and this time, we are speaking with the company that took a comprehensive approach to serving its target audience. Simran Singh, the Director of Business Development and Strategy at Hyperwallet, answered our questions on the gig economy as well as shared Hyperwallet’s vision on the present and future of payments.

Simran has more than five years of experien ...

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