How GAFA Redefined the Meaning of Innovation and Our Lives

It took four companies – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – to change the way consumers see financial services, customer service and shopping. Having almost nothing to do with banking, these tech giants are now directing the pace of innovation across the whole industry and redefining our expectations, putting banks on fire with their rapid pace of transformation. While an average consumer doesn’t really notice the transition, professionals have to face the reality and take the challenge that these tech folks have suddenly imposed on finance professionals.

In fact, the four tech giants have become such a powerful and prominent part of society that the acronym ‘GAFA’ appeared not so long ago across the Web to describe this new ‘creature’.

While these four companies are an immense part of western society and serve as examples of innovation, some publications notice quite the opposite attitude towards the mighty four in Europe, where just one example of the ‘right to be forgotten’ contradicts the idea of total abolishment of the whole personal privacy thing by G ...

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