How is MoLo Rewards using NFC technology and Treasure Hunt to market its offerings?

Pirates, buried fortunes, ancient maps and lost jewels usually come to mind when someone says Treasure Hunt. Taking an out of the box approach, MoLo Rewards in combination with Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) had set up an NFC based treasure hunt for a group of top retailers in UK between 21st and 29th of September 2013.

Eight towns across the U.K offered consumers the chance to win prizes, in the NFC based Purple Flag Treasure hunt. The retail brands that participated in the event include Sky, Costa Coffee, Pizza Express, Frankie & Benny’s, Beefeater Grill, Lush and Odeon Cinemas. A few local independent retailers were also included.

How did they go about the event?

  • Participating retailers had teaser posters placed with them beforehand.

  • People were invited to register with MoLo rewards to enter the treasure hunt.

  • After registering, users were taken to a landing page where they were informed that they would be given the first clue at a particular date and time.

  • When the first clue was released, the users located the Purple Flag smart poster by visiting the retailer behind the clue.

  • The process was repeated until consumers finished up the clues and reach the end of the trail.

For every action or engagement that the consumer took he was rewarded with points. Progress could be identified at any point of time. Users were then informed if they had obtained enough points to be given entry into a prize draw, after they finished the event.

Costa Coffee and Sky provided the top prizes to be won at the event:

  • Voucher – Free Costa Coffee for a year worth £750 ($1198, October 14th 2013).

  • Sky Goody Bag worth £200

  • Gift Voucher worth £200 to use at local retailer.

'By giving clues and offering rewards for using NFC technology, players were incentivised to try the technology, said Chris Davies, COO at MoLo Rewards. When we spoke to players who used NFC as part of their treasure hunt journey; they were surprised how easy it was to use, how fast it took to get to webpages and they wanted to know where else they could use it he added.

The video below shows a small clip of the Purple Flag Treasure hunt event where NFC and QR codes are seen in action:

Source: MoLo Rewards

MoLo Rewards however is not the only one to try the Gamification approach towards NFC and QR codes. BCNTouch, the company behind the TouchActive Platform, organized an NFC and QR based treasure hunt at Mobile World Congress. Participants at the event could visit six different exhibitor booths that displayed either a bottle of Vina Esmeralda or Gran Coronas 2007. They had to click the QR code or touch their smartphones to the tags found with these bottles. This gave participants detailed information about the wine. They could also check out and share similar wines on Twitter and Facebook.

LTP View: The treasure hunt is an innovative way to make sure that people are included in the MoLo Reward’s marketing campaigns. MoLo Rewards plans to roll out a Christmas treasure hunt involving up to 100 towns. It remains to be seen how such an event could increase adoption of NFC technology among consumers.