How M2M Technology Can Transform Retail

One of the emerging and exciting technologies of the 21st century is machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. According to the report published by CradlePoint, a provider of 3G and 4G network solutions for businesses, The M2M market is fueling innovation and improving performance in the retail, finance, healthcare, construction, and transportation industries…. Powered by increasing reliable Internet penetration, M2M networks will soon be widely adopted and functional anywhere with little to no management requirement.

The company believes that M2M technology has the potential to transform various segments of the business landscape: operational efficiency, quality control, decision-making, relationships with customers, and transactional opportunities are enabled and enhanced by M2M applications.

As CradlePoint defines the technology, M2M refers to direct communications between machines that function, interact, and share information without any special configuration or other setup requirements. With a countless (and rapidly growing) array of devices communicating with other devices across the Internet, th ...

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