How to Go Big: The Experience of Over 50 Most Successful Social Innovators

Many successful entrepreneurs like to repeat to those at the beginning of their journey – Go big or go home. While it's quite clear that entrepreneurs should be dreaming bigger about how to automate a shirt ironing process (most importantly, how to bring value to those overlooked by the formal system), the literal component – how to scale a business – is not such a trivial question. And the value of the advice we mentioned gets down to zero if nobody explains how exactly you go big with social innovation.

Fortunately, entrepreneurs nowadays have plenty of resources to get information and support on how to direct their efforts to scale a startup. Support comes from boards of advisors, VCs and angel investors, experts in accelerator programs, the government, experience of the startup community around the world and even financial institutions. One of such organizations, Nesta, a non-profit innovation foundation in the UK that helps people and organizations bring great ideas to life, published a report a month ago called What Does It Take to Go BIG? outlining four key areas that every social innovation looking to scale must get right to succeed:

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