Huge Blow to CurrentC as it gets hacked and Another Win for Apple pay in QSR space

CurrentC, the mobile payment service backed by MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) and also a rival to Apple Pay, got hacked. It led to data breach involving theft of email addresses. Unauthorized third parties were able to obtain email addresses of some of the CurrentC pilot program participants and those who used the mobile app.

MCX has notified merchant partners about the incident and is also reaching out to customers, victims of the data breach. The following illustration shows the official message by the group to customers:

MCX has also come to light recently for disabling NFC based payments like Apple Pay at merchant terminals as part of a contractual bindings. MCX wants to be a leader in the mobile wallet experience but a data breach scenario in early phases is not a good sign. We are already aware that Apple Pay is using an array of security features to prevent such data breaches, tokenization being a strong feature among those.

The payments industry has witnessed some serious data braches at big time retailers like Target, Home Depot, Nieman Marcus, Staples, P.F. Chang’s, Supervalu and others. This raises questions as to whether retailers can really be trusted in handling sensitive information like payment card data and other personal bits of information.


Apple Pay gains a bonus point from the QSR space. TouchBistro and Merchant Warehouse recently announced their partnership to provide wider payment options to QSR merchants using TouchBistro POS solution. TouchBistro is using Merchant Warehouse’s highly secure Genius Customer Engagement Platform to process payments made via TouchBistro POS solution. The Genius Platform supports mobile commerce through technologies like NFC and QR codes and readily accepts payment types such as LevelUp, PayPal, Google Wallet, SoftCard. It now supports Apple Pay as well.

TouchBistro is already a popular restaurant POS system on the Apple App Store across 30 countries. TouchBistro is also looking forward to integrate Apple Pay in those markets as well. Servers at restaurants use the TouchBistro iPad app to take orders and submit instantly. This eliminates the need of separate distant terminal minimizing order errors and increase operational efficiency. With high focus on customer experience, TouchBistro is enhancing its POS solutions day-by-day to integrate future payment service like Apple Pay.

Alex Barrotti, CEO and Founder of TouchBistro, said in an official press release: 'We've created a POS system that focuses first and foremost on customer experience, and our relationship with Merchant Warehouse ensures that restaurateurs and food service business owners have access to a highly intuitive, technologically advanced, future proof POS solution that addresses their immediate and long term needs. Being able to immediately activate NFC-based payment options such as Apple Pay takes the ease and security of payments to an entirely new level that restaurateurs and food service providers definitely desire.'