Hungarian Mobile Wallet Association Upgrades MobiTarca, Adds NFC Ticketing and Sport Facilities

In July 2013, The Hungarian Mobile Wallet Association launched a pilot to test a new NFC Mobile Payment solution in the country. According to the company, eight of ten testers said the service was ‘very useful’. On 7th February 2014, the association announced that it will include access to sports facilities and ticketing for live events in its MobiTarca Wallet.

The Hungarian Mobile Wallet Association was founded in June 2011 as a result of a collaboration of six service providers: Hungarian Telekom, Telenor, Vodafone, OTP Bank, MasterCard and SuperShop. The goal of the association is to promote innovative, NFC technology based mobile payment solutions, systems and services, and to develop the relevant professional guidelines in Hungary.

At the moment, MobiTarca supports employee ID card applications, loyalty and NFC payments. 20,000 NFC payments and over 3,000 loyalty transactions were carried out by 1000 testers, during the first six months of the pilot test.

About MobiTarca:

  • Currently, participants may utilize their OTP MasterCard Mobile PayPass debit cards at over 22,000 acceptance points in Hungary.
  • Mobitarca is available on over 20 NFC devices. HTC, Samsung and Sony are some of them.
  • The pilot is set to run till the end of June, 2014.

Club Recreation (issues a multifunctional card that enables unlimited access to a number of sports facilities in the country) and InterTicket Hungary have joined the MobiTarca Wallet program. This increases the number of available services from three to five.