I Saw the Future of Banking and It's at 101 Post Street, SFO

We were in San Francisco for a couple of weeks working with some talented folks to build something new and exciting. We will talk about that "thing" in another blog. I wrote this post to introduce you to something special that I discovered. I wrote this post to let the banking execs and banking customers all over the world know what banking might become in the days and years to come. I am talking about the Capital One 360 Café (in downtown San Francisco) and to begin talking about it, here is what one of the wall there says: Saving is as simple as a cup of coffee.

Before I go into the details of the cafe, let’s look at what’s wrong with banking today:

1. This is how a bank branch looks like: boring, boxed and only-if-I-need-to-really-go kind of a place.

2. Banks’ open/close days and timings also create issues for customers.

3. Bank branches are sometimes too far away for customers in downtown/posh areas.

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