ID TECH’s Contactless Readers to Support Apple Pay

ID TECH announced yesterday that its contact-less readers will support Apple Pay. ID TECH is a leading manufacturer of POS devices, digital signage and secure payment solutions. The company’s product portfolio includes mobile readers, swipe readers & writers, bar-code scanners, POS peripherals, contact-less readers, insert readers and component accessories.

Founded in 1991, ID TECH currently employs more than 190 people in locations worldwide. The company has built a reputation for technical excellence through its development of reliable and innovative products.

The company offers two contactless readers: Xpress CM 100 and OmniFare. The Xpress CM100 reads card data from a variety of contactless sources, including credit cards, key fobs, and NFC-enabled cell phones. In the OmniFare Card Reader, Proximity smart card reading technology has been integrated with the magnetic stripe reading technology to offer a unique user experience.

ID TECH has the largest base of NFC and contactless devices deployed worldwide, and its contactless product line will offer Apple Pay users conduct simple transactions using their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch.

According to Eric Lecesne, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Products at ID TECH, the company’s products have been at the forefront of NFC adoption since the very beginning. He believes that with the announcement of Apple Pay, ID TECH’s long term commitment to NFC has been validated again.

Apart from the contactless card readers, ID TECH’s contact product line comprises of many different products ranging from NFC, MagStripe & EMV terminals to plain contactless reader modules. Products like ViVOPay 4800, ViVOPay 5000, and Xpress CM100 are suited for retailers to integrate contactless payment acceptance into the current POS systems to support NFC and Apple Pay.

These products are also helping the retailers to prepare themselves for the October 2015 mandate of contact and contactless EMV.

ID TECH’s contactless systems and products are capable of supporting different NFC mobile wallets like Google Wallet and Softcard (Formerly ISIS). They also support most of the major payment network brands.

The company’s readers are being used by many retailers across the globe as well as by restaurants, transport systems, kiosks, vending machines and parking systems.

About ID TECH:

ID TECH is a global leader in the Auto ID industry with sales, manufacturing and R&D facilities around the world. The company’s corporate headquarters are in California with additional R&D facilities in Fremont, Ca; Shanghai, China; and Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The manufacturing facilities are located in Asia. ID TECH provides both standard and custom solutions to support customer requirements.