Identity & Progress Inextricably Linked in a Digital World

Here’s a fact: a new identity is generated with every birth. Now consider this: by the time you finish your day today, a staggering 360,000 children will be eligible for an identity document. It begins with the benign birth certificate followed by school certificates, national identity cards, social security, driving licenses, passport, and more. Identity largely exists in a physical form and is mostly required to be carried with one for life.

But what exactly do we mean when we say ‘identity’ or ‘identification?’ At a fundamental level, it essentially refers to who you are and serves as a response to Can you prove it? Getting more technical, from a service provider’s perspective, it answers a couple of questions, What do we know about you? How do we verify that it is indeed you?

Typically, verifying the details of the ID and the photograph proves one’s identity – this is easier face-to-face whe ...

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