IFTA Awards: India's Biggest FinTech Demo Day Powered by India FinTech Forum, LTP and Nasscom

India is fast becoming a cradle for FinTech with a growing stream of investment and interest from foreign investors. Things are moving rapidly in the FinTech world and it gets harder to keep pace with the startups and new-age technologies proliferating in this market. The key questions which need to be answered are: What are the emerging trends? How are the regulators, government and industry participants responding to these new disruptions? There is a need to take cognizance of the changing FinTech landscape on a common forum and to deliberate on issues which can have an impact on billions of people. The best way to do this is to look at product innovation by startups and corporates.

To promote and position India as a global leader in FinTech innovation, India FinTech Forum is organizing the India FinTech Awards (IFTA) to recognize the best innovative firms operating in India.

IFTA is not just another competition– it is a journey to transform the financial world. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, IFTA will reveal the next generation of innovators who will gain an opportunity to make an impact and leave a mark on the Indian FinTech scene. The forum will also enable startups to network with key industry players and seize the opportunity to benefit from IFTA’s platform that showcases and dissects real financial issues, providing the audience and participants with a practical assessment of emerging opportunities from India’s financial transformation.

The IFTA platform offers FinTech firms to showcase their products to a curated audience comprising of investors, bankers, entrepreneurs, media and corporate leaders. FinTech companies will have to APPLY for the event ( in either the Startup category or the Corporate category. The startup registrations will close before October 15, 2016, and the shortlisted startups and corporates will be announced on October 15 and October 20 respectively. Let’s Talk Payments (LTP) is a knowledge partner for the event and will assist IFTA to come up with a great agenda/content and also a curated list of startups given their know-how in this space and their MEDICI platform. Startup winners could win a cash of INR 5 lakhs from IFTA and a startup kit from strategic partner NASSCOM 10000 Startups. Additionally, winners also get a chance to apply for NASSCOM FinTech Day, 2017 and the top four startups will receive credits worth $1000/month for a year on IBM Bluemix. LTP will also cover the winning startups on its platform for better outreach and visibility among its FinTech community.

As thought leaders in the financial technology space, the LTP team has seen a variety of competitions and strongly believes that the Indian FinTech Awards (2016) will definitely reveal the next generation of innovators who will gain an opportunity to make an impact and leave a mark on the Indian scene.