In 30 Years, Humans Will Not Be Allowed to Drive, or How AI Is Shaping Your Present and Future

It’s almost unbelievable how we are no longer speaking of how artificial intelligence (AI) WILL shape our FUTURE. We are at a point in history when AI IS shaping our PRESENT. Most interestingly, it is happening in a large array of the areas of our lives, often without our explicit understanding where does it start and end.

Maarten Steinbuch, a Distinguished University Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, on the SingularityU Germany Summit 2017, shares his futuristic views closely tied to current technological capabilities and increasing computational power of computers. Steinbuch streams a fascinating real-life experiment displaying how autonomous vehicles (robots, essentially) are negotiating with each other on the road (on the fly, virtually!) to avoid an inevitable collision. Every year, there are 1.4 million deaths in traffic worldwide, says Steinbuch following a mind-blowing display. I predict that in 30 years from now, humans will not be allowed to drive on the road anymore, he continues.

I strongly encourage you to watch this presentation that goes beyond objects, where Steinbuch offers a data and example-driven support for what the human life would look with AI, where:

  • Love is not exclusive to live creatures
  • Ageing becomes a sickness that AI can cure
  • Human body capabilities are extended and expanded by AI
  • Knowledge is free, and the future of education is about experience
  • AI can be better doctors (microsurgery – the most advanced robotic surgeons are 3X better in performing operations than the best human surgeon), judge, and perform high-skilled works better than a human
  • AI changes industrial robotics and the industry 4.0 (there is a first employment agency for robots!)

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