In A World of Love and Commerce

When you press two fingers on the screen of an Apple watch, a built in heart rate sensor records and sends your heartbeat. According to Apple, it's a simple and intimate way to tell someone how you feel. So in the world of tech and commerce, Poshmark is all about love.

Poshmark is an online marketplace making it simple to buy and sell fashion through its app and web platform. Launched in 2011, Poshmark recently raised $25 million in Series C funding, with investment from Mayfield, Menlo Ventures, Inventus Capital, Union Grove Venture Partners, Shea Ventures and SoftTech VC.

Poshmark leverages the idea of fashion coming from a community perspective; that means love, not materialism, is the focus. Manish Chandra, Founder and CEO of Poshmark built the platform based around the concept of transmitting love from shopper to shopper the same way Apple plans to change the way people share intimacy.

When I attended Connected Commerce + The Future of Fashion, a Poshmark event hosted by Liza Kindred of Third Wave Fashion, I was far from expecting the conversation to be centered around love. I was struck by the obvious question of, How does love relate to commerce?

Chandra made the distinction clear in defining what Poshmark is.

It's a platform for transmitting love. You can transmit love and that's what makes the system powerful. If love is the focus, money comes, said Chandra.

The topic of love isn’t what I’m used to hearing founders and CEOs of startups or any company talk about; may be that’s the hidden secret to why companies like Apple never seem to miss a beat when it comes to innovation.

Think about it: A company defining its next step, next vertical or next product or feature through asking how to spread more love. That’s powerful and that automatically influences longevity in a concept.

Before attending the Poshmark event, I honestly had little background on Poshmark and the value of joining their platform, but after hearing such candid remarks on how Poshmark creates its success; I’m now a fan.

Even the idea of transmitting my heartbeat to my loved ones on an Apple Watch changes my intent to purchase. I consider myself an early adopter within the tech community and I initially dismissed the idea of purchasing an Apple Watch early on when it was just in the talk of what’s to come stage. Yet after a simple exposure to what the heartbeat feature meant to another CEO who has made 47 million dollars in total investment, I quickly gained a new outlook.

If you haven’t already watch Apple’s Us film, it gave me chills. Just the idea of how technology is shaping how, where and when we love is completely earth-shattering to me. My hopeless romantic side curiously thought, What if the characters Allie and Noah from the Notebook had an Apple watch?

Technology is easily becoming infused in how we shape our relationships and how we share moments with loved ones. Apple clearly has that in mind.

Maybe Apple watches and Poshmark purchases aren’t exactly going to change the world, but they do open a door to a new discussion; a discussion centered around love.