IndiaStack: Gateway to Opportunities in India

With the launch of Aadhaar (which literally means “foundation”), the world’s largest digital identity program, India has a strong foundation for a massive digital infrastructure called IndiaStack. But does everyone understand the stack, its stakeholders, tech developments, and success stories that can be leveraged to build innovative solutions? Not really. 

IndiaStack enables businesses and startups to innovate in the areas of authentication, eKYC, payments, digital signature, and data consent. Since it is set up by the government, IndiaStack has enabled and is still allowing the governments, businesses, startups, and developers to spin the wheels of digital innovation towards a presence-less, paperless, cashless, and consent-based service delivery. 

IndiaStack is based on four layers of core principles:

  1. Presence-less or capable of being authenticated from anywhere
  2. Paperless or reliant on digital records
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