Intriguing insights into Clinkle, superstar payment startup with $25 Mn funding

One of the most talked about payment startups that is getting everybody's attention is Clinkle. Everybody wants to know what is this Stealth mode startup really upto? While we wrote about Clinkle earlier, there is a lot of fresh insights. We thought of giving you a lowdown. Clinkle is building an alternative payment infrastructure with the foundations based on algorithmic currency. This will likely start with Bitcoin. Clinkle aims to be a mainstream conduit and abstraction layer for algorithmic currency, so easy to use, your parents or perhaps grandparents would toss a few Clinkles around. Because this system is based on algorithmic currency, one could give nano payments to macro payments and the costs incurred will be negligible. This aspect alone will open up new business models where business could charge mils of a penny for product and services. This is just one of the ingredients in Clinkle, there are many more.

The technology to send and receive Clinkles was recently exposed in April 4th, 2012 patent appl ...

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