Innovation Is Not Always Disruption

However honestly and passionately entrepreneurs might believe in a disruptive power of their solutions, most of them mistake some sort of innovation (business model, operational, UX, etc.) for a massive transformative force. Meanwhile, innovation is not always disruptive and should not always be considered as an existential threat to institutional providers. Instead, innovation can be supportive and be facilitating for mainstream players and just create new opportunities for institutions instead of replacing incumbents.

Adding another layer of security in a financial application, redirecting surplus from unpaid claims to charities, or creating a better online experience is not really a disruptive innovation, but it certainly is a great security-focused/marketing/operational efficiency/customer-centric move, to be fair.

Not to say that technology startups worldwide are not a source of disruptive innovation, but it is worth mentioning interesting advancements such as the use of alternative ways to score customers, replacement of legal counsel with AI, bringing

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