BBVA Open Talent 2018




BBVA Open Talent, the world’s biggest fintech competition, will this year mark its tenth anniversary by working with more start-ups than ever before.


BBVA is looking for the fintech ideas that will shape the future of banking, that will support customers to make the most of their money and their data, and that will help customers reduce the stress of money management and financial decision-making. You can find out more about the program here.


You can register your startup in BBVA Open Talent 2018 until the 3rd May 2018, at 11.59 p.m. (San Francisco, USA time). Registration after that time will not be permitted.

Type of engagement:
Innovation programme
Main sponsors:
Incentive for startups
  • Monetary prizes worth €150,000 
  • All the startups will undergo an in-depth evaluation by BBVA employees.
  • Visit the BBVA offices in Madrid and have meetings with BBVA executives.
  • Networking, access to events, exposure, and visibility.
  • The chance to network with investors at different events, including the grand finale that will take place at the BBVA Open Summit.
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