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We are looking for startups related to AI that are capable of transforming the finance world


If your startup is focused on Artificial Intelligence solutions - developing digital systems able to either outperform human abilities or on tasks that would normally require human intelligence, then you could be the winner of BBVA Open Talent 2017 Artificial Intelligence!


We are looking for the very best ideas that incorporate AI into the world of fintech and banking. For example, solutions that anticipate customers’ needs and help them to make better decisions, based on their different personalised options, specific goals and personal situation.


So, with the Artificial Intelligence closing date approaching, May 22nd (the finals will be held June 26-28 at the Money 20/20 Conferences in Copenhagen), we wanted to take this opportunity to outline what we see as the key opportunities and issues of how AI can be applied to banking.


Type of engagement:
Talent Artificial Intelligence
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Incentive for startups


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