Collab is an insurtech accelerator platform developed by LumenLab, a MetLife’s innovation centre.  Collab’s open innovation platform provides a marketplace for start-ups to meet, share ideas and build solutions. The company aims to provide a platform for innovators to tackle the business needs of tomorrow.  The accelerator platform runs for 12-weeks with final selected 8 startups. The program is mainly for startups who offer solutions in customer engagement, claims process, insurance business model and the sales process.

Type of engagement:
Main sponsors:
MetLife, Amazon web services, Microsoft BizSpark, Wavemaker Partners, Oliver Wyman
Incentive for startups
  1. The successful finalist will receive a US $100,000 contract to implement a pilot within MetLife.
  2. Start-ups gain access to MetLife's ecosystem and the validation of a leading Fortune 50 customer.
  3. No upfront equity required in exchange for participation.
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