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American Express invites Letters of Intent to submit an application for the Financial Innovation Lab presented by American Express. The Financial Innovation Lab can help empower researchers and domain experts to test ideas that promote financial inclusion at scale on the American Express Serve® software platform, under commercial conditions, over a 3-6 month period. This challenge is created for individuals and teams who are: Researchers from academic institutions whose opportunities to study financial inclusion are limited to lab and field tests, and/or Practitioners from non-profit organizations that perform field work (e.g. financial counseling) with few opportunities to test learnings within commercially operating financial product designs. As a selected Participant in the Financial Innovation Lab, you’ll see your proposed intervention implemented on the Serve platform and tested on real Serve Accountholders. You’ll work with the Serve team to determine what data will help you demonstrate the effectiveness of the intervention. You’ll also be able to access and analyze test data and publish new work based on the experiment results.
Not available
Type of engagement:
Innovation Lab
Main sponsors:
American Express
Incentive for startups
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