Income Future Starter

Income Future Starter is a join venture between NTUC Income (Income), a Singapore-based insurance services provider and Infocomm Investments to promote and accelerate fintech startups program in Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. Income Future Starter, Powered by TAG.PASS’ aims to shortlist 12 startups from around the world with a unique business and technology proposition or have the potential to collaboratively disrupt the insurance industry. The program which runs for 11-weeks it provides start-ups an intensive training and guidance where they are expected to conduct field interviews, problem-solution validation, rapid prototyping, storyboarding, software and hardware development, growth hacking, marketing, branding, sales and business pitching amongst others.






Information is not avaliable.


1. S$28,000 equity-free entrepreneur grant for up to 12 selected start-ups.

2. The program helps start-ups to accelerate their business and gain access to funding.

3. Free co-working place.



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