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Innovation Studio is ING’s innovation platform, a corporate accelerator that is open to finTech startups. The program aims to provide start-ups with customer validation, support and freedom to keep growing, innovative ways to add more value and make money in their business, valuable insights, business model and collaborate with other startups and internal teams to learn and grow as fast as possible. The accelerator program conducted for 6 months in Amsterdam with selected 10 startups. The program offers mentoring, resource pooling, co-working space,networking opportunities with VCs, angel investors, and ING key decision makers.

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Main sponsors:
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Incentive for startups

1. € 50k for up to 10 selected start-ups, in return of a convertible note and will have a minority stake. 

2. The program helps start-ups to collaborate with other startups and internal teams to learn and grow fastest and also helps start-ups that haven't raised a series A round from VCs and angel investors

3. Free co-working space.

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