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Are you one of the best in RegTech startups and are looking for more visibility and the ability to showcase what you are doing to millions of people globally?


About MEDICI Top 21

The MEDICI TOP 21 LIST is an industry-recognized FinTech distinction. It is our global scouting initiatives to find the best 21 FinTech companies within an industry segment. Our current applications are open for the RegTech sector. 


Only 7 companies are selected by geographic region (APAC, EMEA, and Americas). If you are an early stage disruptive FinTech startup or a growth FinTech startup making waves in RegTech, and you want to be recognized for the impactful things you are creating, this is the list you want to be on.

Type of engagement:
Innovation Award for RegTech Startups
Main sponsors:
MEDICI, Ernst & Young
Incentive for startups
  • Inclusion in the prestigious MEDICI Top 21 leaderboard for RegTech chapter, which will be distributed to a network of 100K+ MEDICI newsletter subscribers, comprised of FI/bank executives, dedicated investors, FinTech evangelists and enthusiasts, bloggers, and more.
  • VIP access to become a MEDICI contributor to share up to 12 thought leadership pieces to the MEDICI audience once a month for a duration of 12 consecutive months for high visibility within the FinTech / FinServ ecosystem. This opportunity would start after the announcement of the winners (on a condition that contributed pieces fully comply with MEDICI Contributor Guidelines).
  • Exclusive invitations to MEDICI’s roundtable discussions, top FinTech events, and discounts to top FinTech conferences.
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