Bank to the Future – Innovation in WeBank’s FinTech Ecosystem


Have you been to China recently? If you have, you will have noticed an interesting aspect of life in the country: almost everything can be done right from a mobile app. Want to call a cab? There’s an app for that, of course. Need to order your lunch before you go to a restaurant? You can use the same app. Need to transfer some money back home to your family or a friend? The same app again! Thanks to the proliferation of a close-knit ecosystem of highly inter-connected apps, today, China is among the leaders when it comes to mobile-based ecosystems, from ride-sharing to food delivery to FinTech. Consider, for instance, the powerful ‘We’ ecosystem developed by the giant called Tencent.

Tencent divides its total revenue into three segments:

  1. Value-Added Services (social networks & online gaming)

  2. Online Advertising

  3. Others

The Others segment primarily consists of Payment & FinTech, Cloud, and other services. As you might have read in a MEDICI story from earlier in April, Tencent’s Payment & FinTech business is an important driver of revenue growth for the company. The Payment & FinTech services of Tencent include:




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