Gig Economy Part 3: Insurance for Gig Economy Employers and Workers

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Gig Economy Part 3: Insurance

The number of people employed in the gig economy is increasing, and the current COVID-19 mayhem in the transitional job market is only going to serve as the fuel for these numbers to surge. The question is: is this gig economy ready to look after the financial well-being of its workers? One of the elements of financial well-being is finding adequate insurance for the gig workers. Hence, in part 3 of the series of articles on the gig economy, we focus on insurance solutions.

The gig economy refers to the marketplace of temporary short-term jobs, which brings flexibility and adaptability to those working in it. The rise of the gig economy has brought an increasing number of workers ranging from food delivery riders to freelance consultants. This has been one of the most drastic shifts in the ...

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