InsurTechs’ Next Move: Graduating In-House Capabilities to SaaS Solutions for the Industry?

The development of InsurTech solutions has not just managed to put wrinkles on foreheads but has also allowed insurance providers to experiment with numerous technological tools and instruments. By the looks of it, they seem to be extremely happy with this new-found superpower. No longer are insurance companies restricted to the trappings of their native market and bound by the limitations of their own services; technology has allowed them to expand into avenues that were yet forbidden for such entities in the corporate sphere. 

What SaaS offers to insurance companies

  • Capability to build custom features quickly based on organizational needs 
  • Improve policyholder engagement methods and techniques
  • Ability to create new insurance products and innovative new features 
  • Features that allow for reshaping of the entire underwriting, distribution and claims processes, with or without replacing legacy systems 
  • APIs that enable insurance compa ...
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