International Payments and Trends in Money Transfer Technology by Mike Laven, CEO of Currency Cloud

Earlier this year, UK-based international remittance FinTech company Currency Cloud raised $18 million in Series C to expand to the US. We have been following the company's success and had the pleasure interviewing Mike Laven, CEO of Currency Cloud, about the company and the services Currency Cloud provides as well as insights on the challenges with international remittances and new technologies to make a change. Here’s an exclusive transcription of the interview with Mike:

LTP: Please tell us about the Currency Cloud Payment Engine. What is it and how does it work?

Mike Laven: There has been a fundamental shift in the way that consumers and businesses make and receive payments today with a major emphasis on speed and transparency. Business payments in particular require increasingly open infrastructures that can integrate with internal systems such as accounting and procurement platforms. Our Payment Engine is a cloud-based technology platform allowing companies to fully outsource their international payments. It is linked to the global banking network, and fully automates all of the processes around international payments for businesses, providing transparency around delivery of payment and cost. By plugging into our API, businesses can escape the heavy lifting of setting up their payments infrastruc ...

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