Interns For Innovation - BofA, JPM, BNP & Credit Suisse Look For Talented Students

A talented workforce is the backbone of innovation. No company can stay relevant in the market without constant talent acquisition and workforce development. As millennials become the most important segment for financial services sector, young minds are needed to build next-generation technology and products that relate to millennials. The need for fresh and innovative minds led financial institutions to actively roll out programs, challenges and competitions for students. The idea is to catch them young and provide them with internship opportunities as some of them become potential hires in the future.

We have selected some of the most interesting challenges organized by financial services industry players to attract students to demonstrate why it is the most exciting time for students to join and be the ones to lead the innovation.

BNP Paribas’ Ace Manager competition is a three-week game for students that takes place in a fictitious Universe-city where – as the company describes – an extraordinary discovery unleashes a series of unprecedented events. Participating teams of three people will have to complete a variety of tasks related to retail banking, asset management, corporate and investment banking, which are related to the events.

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