Interview with Dave Matter, Head of Product at Marqeta

Q.1) It is being said that the payments and fintech industry has received more attention in the last two years than in the previous ten years. What are your thoughts on that?

Dave: Innovation in payments technology is moving at warp speed. Across security, infrastructure, and mobile we see considerable disruption in the way consumers shop and buy. The potential to influence those newly secure, online, and on-the-go transactions is attracting major players like Google, Apple and PayPal. The interesting thing to note is that vast majority of the innovation in payments is happening with acquirers. As an issuer processor, Marqeta is leading innovation in this group. Marqeta has been able to innovate under the radar until now. Luckily, the extra attention is revealing new use cases for Marqeta technology and is fueling further innovation every day.

Q.2) Over the past years, which was the biggest game-changing event for you? For example, there have been certain major events in the payments sector like Apple Pay, advancements in mobile, the cloud advancements, APIs or something data or analytics related. So what, according to you, has the most impact and has been the major game-changing event in the recent past?

Dave: We at Marqeta made a bold move recently as the first issuer processor to open access and fully document our APIs for developers through, or DMC for short. Developers can now access the full functionality of t ...

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