Interview with Krishna Mehra, Co-founder & CTO of Capillary Technologies.

Recently, we got an opportunity to speak to Krishna Mehra, Co-founder & CTO of Capillary Technologies. He has provided excellent insights about how their solution manages consumer relationship by integrating it with social media, with behavioral analysis & personalization for targeted coupons, offers & creating stickiness with consumers. Please find response to our questions as under.

Capillary Technologies is a CRM solution, how does Capillary personalize the customer experience?

Capillary helps retail merchants personalize the customer experience by aggregating and analyzing customer interactions from multiple channels such as the website, mobile web, social media such as Facebook and the physical store. With the analysis, retailers are able to segment their customers and understand their behavior across the key segments and build a personalized engagement plan for each segment – which includes relevant recommendations, offers and promotions such as coupons, loyalty points, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that the customer is most likely to respond to. Personalized communication leads to customer delight and also higher response rates to retailer communication and increased revenues.

Capillary Technologies, so does the merchant have to use your software to start campaigns?

Merchants don’t need to use the software to start campaigns. Capillary’s cloud solution acts as a bolt on and makes their existing systems and campaigns more intelligent and targeted. We integrate with existing solutions like retail Point of Sale (POS, E-Commerce, and e-mail platforms) systems so that the retailer can unlock the potential of their own data assets.

Does Capillary develop merchant in-Store application for sales professionals on the floor?

Capillary’s newest module, InStore™, was created with the sales associate in mind. With InStore™ sales professional have important information about a customer at the time the customer is in the store, when the sales professional can make the most use of the information. For example, when a customer identifies themselves whether it’s by checking in through Facebook or providing their name or loyalty member number, the sales professional will now only see a history of interactions, customer contact information but also recommendations and active offers and discounts that can be used that day. As a result, retailers are able to not only personalize that interaction with the customer but also increase top line revenues.

How many national merchants do you have on your network?

Capillary solutions benefit both national and local merchants. Examples of national merchants include United Colors of Benetton, Tennis Express, Pizza Hut, Chicco’s and Nicole Miller. Capillary works with many retailers internationally.

How many active customers do you have?

More than 150 retailers use Capillary Technologies solutions at 10,000 stores that reach about 75 million consumers globally. The brands vary from well-known retailers such as Puma, Tennis Express and Marks & Spencer to restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut and KFC.

Does your platform support cross-selling among the national merchants?

Capillary enables selective cross-promotion between non-conflicting merchants to ensure they can acquire new customers and increase revenues by leveraging each others customer segments.

Does your solution support POS redemption or mobile payments?

Capillary’s solution is focused on customer engagement and provides redemptions of points, gift cards, store credit and coupons at the POS. However, it doesn’t provide payment capabilities, at this time. However, Capillary works with mobile payments to enable better engagement and marketing at the time of payments.

Are you considering your solution to integrate with #iBeacon ? If not what is your opinion or perspective?

We believe that #Beacon technologies based on Bluetooth Low Energy are here to stay – and it fits in very well with our InStore product. We have launched it specifically to enable exciting new use cases that can be unlocked through beacons. We believe this will help to strengthen the customer experience and lead to higher customer delight by making interactions more relevant and personalized.