Exclusive Interview: Leigh Gilmore – FinTech Conference Disruptor

After getting a great response from Leigh’s first article, we wanted to talk with Leigh to understand what she’s doing differently, why FinTech, and understand what you can get from attending. If you can make it to the DC area on May 24-25, register here (using LTP200 for a discount, of course!).

LTP: Leigh, you previously wrote about how ‘FinTech Conferences Are Broken.’ What are you doing at your conference to make it different? Start by at least telling us about the conference!

Leigh Gilmore: I am excited about this one, Patrick, because it’s definitely not broken, but neither is it ‘fixed.’ Of course, we have a great agenda, but the discussion will be ‘audience-led,’ and will go in many directions – as they should do. We can say we have the modeling clay (the agenda, the venue, the faculty, a ...

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